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Monday, November 22, 2010

DMV - B-513... Barely at B-394.. Fk!

Arleta DMV.

I got my number after waiting for 25 minutes in front of the damn place. My number is B-513. Damn, I never got a number that high, I wonder how many people are inside and what is the number it's currently at. Step in, goddamn! Monitors everywhere showing that they are barely at B-394. Shit, I'm out-of-luck! Oh wells, sit and wait, what else, right!? Nearly two hours go by, my number pops up. Yes! Finally! The cubicle is across the damn place I was at, and the place is full of stupid people blocking walkways. I finally get there, but three seconds before I make it, the next number pops up for that cubicle, WTF?! SERIOUSLY?! WTF!? The other guy swoops in front of me, asshole! Too bad he didn't know what shithead he was going to talk to, and I wasn't going to help him out for doing that shit. The guy ahead of me wants to get his car registered, has all the papers and everything. The DMV associate, lets call him Bob for simplicity's sake, tells him that he needs to get the smog done. Little did the fucker know that the smog he has from the seller was good for three months, and Bob told him it was no good. Bob sent him home telling him he needs to do smog and come back. My turn, f these SOBs. So Bob asks me what I need help with, I'm a very nice guy with polite manners, so I tell him that I got a letter from the DMV, and hand it to him, and tell him that I sold my car and promptly mailed out the liability form. He asks me when I did it, I said I sold the car on September 25 and mailed out the form the following week. This stupid ass asks me, when did I mail it out. I'm thinking, WTF ASSHOLE, I JUST TOLD YOU, but instead I say, first week of October. He then tells me there is nothing he can do for me, the letter I gave him says that I can only call or go to their DMV website. I ask him about the release of liability and he says that he cannot process it due to insurance proof needed. I tell him that I've gotten my release processed no matter what. I ask him to check the system if my form went through. He tells me the car is still under my name and that there is nothing he can do about it. He is telling me all this with a stupid look on his face like he got smacked with a dildo. I tell him to f-in process it, I didn't come here for two hours to have nothing done for me. He asks me to leave and follow the directions on the DMV letter mailed to me. At this point, I start using my outside voice. Don't tell me to f-in leave, Don't tell me you can't do this shit, Don't f-in think you're better than me. You don't even try to help me, WTF is wrong with you. People are not supposed to be treated like this you f-in idiot. Let me talk to your supervisor! Then, of course, I already got everyone's attention, and obviously the super heard it. He walks over, tells the guy to get up and leave for the day, he just got his third complaint for the day. Supervisor apologizes for me, gets me all done up right, takes in my release of liability and gives me a copy stamped and dated. After it was done, I told the super thanks for helping me, but he should really fire that asshat for giving people problems and telling them lies because he doesn't want to do his job correctly. Then I tell the super that he fucked over the last guy too, look through his paperwork, the last guy had the smog done two months ago from the seller, but Bob told him he needed to do the smog to transfer title. He thanked me, then I walked out of there ASAP, f the DMV and anyone who thinks they know better.

the pham family.
5:15 PM
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